Sunday, November 1, 2009

I've been watching Big Bro since as long as I can remember.

Mine was the first generation to be born into a world where there was, or was soon to be, a teeeveee in the home of the vast majority of mericans.

i watched. from their lush lounge laboratories, big brother, aka Mad Men watched back. It watched what i ate and it watched what i watched and it watched what i wore and how i played and it took notes and compiled statistics and - like never before - created a catalogue of goods catering to kids which they, in turn, told us to buy and told us why in jingles and sensational exaggerations pf flyers made you run faster and jump higher than red ball jets and wonder bread built better bodies twelve ways (and was perfect when having another fluffernutter) and winston tastes good like a cigarette should...

we were the generation that the mad men experimented upon from infancy, with a solid ten plus years of free reign before any kid-oriented "educational" fare like Sesame Street came along and we were all just ripe lil munchkins for having our consumer behavior and attitudes programmed and manipulated.

we are what we consume.

and so the story went and continues today 'cept somewhere along the line in the process of watching and listening and giving us everything we think we want, this other device, this alternative screen appeared on the scene and unlike the teeev it invites me to respond.

and so i do, time and again.

today i speak to you as a loyal programmed consumer AND as afreelance Intelligence Agent for the Universal Independent Mental State of I.

For the record:

I was conceived in conspiracy

from Latin conspirare to be in harmony, conspire, from com- + spirare to breathe

a co-mingling of breaths as it were

that's generally how these things come about.

it ain't no secret

i'm a field agent. i experience and report.

please note that, while it is my task to attempt to remain objective, the nature of intelligence gathering requires the observer to make real time decisions in regard to particular paths of pursuit, which inevitably shapes and directs the finite tunnel being mined through an infinite experiential universe.

while it has served me well to weave my own interpretive fairy tale from this limited database, one that serves as nothing less than a current operating system or an ever-evolving practical belief - no make that a probability system. if there's a Real Thing that is universally recognizable to All, this ain't it. but it may or may not contain some of the practical probabilities upon which I currently operate.

please also note that existing data has been interpreted to suggest the possibility that the benevolent programmers on madison avenue accidentally created a Madder Man, and the above is nothing more than a passing manifestation of said madness.

or maybe ( just maybe) it's ALL just a joke.