Monday, March 2, 2009

The Santa Claus Conspiracy, Part Dew

Let us return to the metaphor of "Santa Claus: Benevolent Conspiracy" as it relates to money and banks and fear and faith.

In the case of Sanity Claus, the conspirators must maintain a sufficient degree of consistency and credibility in their deception in order to perpetuate the conspiracy, to alleviate the doubt and boost the faith of the true believer. Don't ever give them REASON to doubt, for they will surely grasp upon it if the least bit curious, and eventually unravel the whole freakin' fairy tale. Inconsistency was the hobgoblin that swallowed my parents' version of the myth, and its role in my belief system. You can't, on one hand, reward and encourage a child to examine the universe from a scientific, rational, logical western perspective and then try to feed the same child fairy tales about a fat fucker with a flying sleigh.

Cognitive dissonance breeds the questioning of authority and reality.

Unlike myself, when my own children came to the realization that Santa was a crock of shit, they kept their mouths shut. For years. Their faith had been replaced with the fear that if they dared utter the truth, the presents would cease to appear.

They tolerated the deception as long as the gifts came in, we played along as long as the requests were reasonable.

They knew, and we knew that they knew and we all played make-believe and nobody got hurt because everyone played nice. If the players become either greedy or irresponsible, the game collapses.

For the kids, that meant reasonable requests.

For the adults: don't promise what you can't deliver.

The benevolent conspiracy, the Fractured Fairy Tale of Fractional Reserve Lending and debt-based currency is beginning to unravel.

The reason?

In a word, greed.

Unreasonable expectations.

Unrealistic promises.

Prosperity, abundance and the delusion that Santa can deliver whatever our heart desires has turned us into a society that engages in willful co-conspiring year round.

"Where's dinner?"

"Under the tree!"

You can only keep the fairy tale alive as long as you don't try to squeeze too much magic out of it. Everyone's gotta play nice, or else.

We have - both literally and figuratively - bought a little to deeply and selfishly into the myth that we can create something from nothing at all.

We're afraid to call out the allegedly adult co-conspirators for their deception and irresponsible actions, because we've become reliant on their largesse for our very survival.

Our faith has been replaced with the fear that if we dare utter the truth, the gifts under the tree will vanish.

The fairy tale:

Too Big To Fail.

Realty is gravity:


What goes up

Must come down.

Lest ye be spooked by my lunatic howlings, look at the Light Side of the Moon.

Defy gravity with levity.

Spin to the yin that completes the yang.

Decouple your perception of value from the dollar standard.

The Power to Love is an unlimited commodity; adopt it as your currency.

Measured in gigaHugz and delivered in person.

Door to door, face to face, cheek to cheek;

On demand or on the dance floor.

If we all play nice, any myth will suffice.

peas bewitchu

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