Friday, February 13, 2009


Revelation. Two letters away from a revolution.

round and round we go

where we stop who know?


lay lee lie low loo lumph.


enough nonsense man



on the one?

which one? the only one?

"there is only one God
He is the Sun God.
RA. RA. RA!"

or is it

"There is only One God
He is the Fun God

tales fersale

ADD = F(F)F or possibly f to the nth

fluid (fluctuating) focus

it's not a disorder, dodo-head, its evolutuin/multitasking - back in a sec- as i was saying... the disorder, hoever can be found in the cognitive dissonance of the cacophonous chords composing the mantra of authority's plunger-muted trumpet-teacher droning wah wah wah wah wah wah wah echoing, fading, in, out, and in agin, in incessant, annoying iteration until at last the free mind either explodes or succumbs to head-bobbing, slack-jawed, drooling institutional submission.

just kidding.

science bless our public schools for all godz amerrrrkin chillunz gits a free ejukayshun.

can't discuss the state OF our public schools without discussing the State AND our public schools but that's a toasted posting for another time and space.

Howd'ya like my new sig for a new era?

©µЯЯεήŦl¥ §èå®çĦîήğ føЯ å ήεώ vøçåßµlãr¥
tø d맩ríþê ªll thë Ħ¥¶ë®dîmêή§îºήåL mºdålïtïê§
ðf dïvïñë åLµm1ñã+îøñ!

and that, my dear sisbrahthren, is the metaphor of todays attention and mutation.

I speak in metaphor and engage in levity/hil-air-ity/ligh-ness of BEING because metaphor alone can begin to describe that part of last night's dream that lies beyond the reach of today's waking consciousness. Besides... fun beats fear in a two-handed rockpaperscissorsredux every time.





and/or and/or and/and


divine Uncertainty.

contradictory dichotomy.

there is only one fnord
he is the unfnord

Nonsense I tell you.

nothing is permanent.

all is mobile.

all is disposable/recyclable.

fairy tales, myth, metaphor, language, culture, understanding are ALL included.

Let me take you


cuz i'm going to

Strawberry Fields


move on.

a fresh wind

from a new direction


against the empire

i'm a kite

without a string

temporarily defying gravity

carving spirals cross the sky

daredevil loops


sure to be

Death by Tree.

or bad poetry.


mort to cum?

or merely


space is nothing.

gravity is everything.

come together

all of us

in one

infintesssssssssimally tiny

unimaaaaaaaaginably dense

black hole.

one love

one destination

here we are

all of us

nothing between us

but the imaginary void of space

and the unadulterated, undiluted, full-strength dose of gravity's inescapable attraction.

The universe is a conspiracy; a web of infinite complexity and intricate connectivity. We're all in on it.

There's no escape.

the history of man is history.

our mark upon the world is our story, and vice versa.

The story of man is the story of the story.

symbols and language, evoked to encode, preserve and transmit ideas, thereby giving them mobility and durability through time and space.

crude symbols evolve and combine to create ever more complex maps and models to reference and pass along.

The evolution of the maps and models and the truth that they carry manifest themselves in our technological artifacts.

Information technology>real-time. global interconnectivity/communicability

The intrawebbz is but an unfinished map.

A crude architectural prototype of a larger landscape.

Gaian consciousness is the territory.

Strawberry fields.


The fresh wind disperses the clouds of illusion, and with them are swept away the artificial boundaries of our mental constructs.

Awaken to the Dream.

Join the Party.

Dance til you drop and let gravity take care of the rest.

May Peas Bewitch You, my sisbrahthren.

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