Monday, February 16, 2009

Yo-Dawg-ism and the Art of Mindful Self-Mastery

"I'm a mutt."

-President Barack Obama

Me too, mister President. Euro-mongrel. Heinz 57, born in '57. I'm a mixed breed; a byproduct of Divine Accidental Sloppy Conception.

With the lack of any dominant culture/tradition/religion/mythos to form the foundation for my beliefs (especially after the Santa revelation) my reality tunnel/outergarment has been constructed with philosophy that is both piecemeal and "make-believe." I borrow from all sources, and weave my blanket of belief with threads and strands of diverse material and from disparate origins.

Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?

It's a Technicolor Clusterfuckian Dream(es)Cape of a Fairy Tale, from over there it may appear that I've dressed myself in tatters, and as the warp, weave and materials are subject to universal, constant change, the perception is superficially valid, though from here I can assure you that on the inside it's warm cozy, comfy and secure. Whatever the weather, I'll take it over gortex or kenmore kardboard. Sirius Lee.

The cloth is simultaneously being unraveled and rewoven. The kinetic cenergy produced by this activity makes up for any loss of heat caused by the temporary holes that appear in the magic blanket.

A fairy tale that is mobile, fluid, and ultimatelu disposable. Imagine a hermit crab on an endless, beach dotted with an infinite array of empty shells. Further imagine that our hermit crab is imbued with a human ego, and a full length mirror before which to pose, andyou get the picture, and if the picture's seen in the context of a time lapse series, one gets a feel for the overall evolution of the process.

but our dyslexix mixtmutt metaphor on this nrom yadnom is one of dawgs, not dungeness, though dogs do dung 2, my pretty puppy, don't fool yerself you got an asshole too and its a winkin atchew the turd eye atop the pyramid of cozmic krap, you gotta bend over to see what i mean, trouble ahead, trouble behind... there's plenty o dung-ness in these exremental elocutions.

He shits me.

He shits me not...

I'm just joshin' y'all.

Today's Truth is Tomorrow's cosmic Schmuckism.
Let's B Sirius for another moment.

Whose dawg R U ?

Who is YOUR Pavlov? Who is the master that creates the greenness in the grassssszzzzz, snoop doggie?

Sometimes we hear of ideas and embrace them intellectually because they "sound"/"resonate" as being right and/or true long before we have experiential, first-hand evidence of said idea or concept.

Other times the experience comes first and the intellectual explanation much later.

Pavlov wrote the canine training manual re: conditioning. Drool... WOOF!

whose dawg R U?

I was introduced to the idea of serial re-imprinting/ redirection/ reconditioning of one's own neural circuitry at the age of 16, through the writings of a Mad Irishman the Good Doctor Leary.

It is only recently, however, that I have been engaged in the willful and mindful exercise of re-wiring and re-routing of my neural pathways for greater efficiency/understanding. Necessity is the mother of invention. i have been immersed in a tsunami of information as the result of our technological invocation of instantaneous and infinite global connectivity/communication, and hence a newer, more flexible and complex model is required for storage and categorization of the newer, larger payload.

When you're trying to make more room in a finite space, it requires re-arranging and sometimes some stuff just has to be discarded.

Buddha taught detachment. Bill Wilson, the Patron saint of Drunks wrote, in the chapter of the basic AA text entitled, "How it works, that "some of us tried to hold on to our old ideas, and the result was nil until we let go absolutely."

Lately i have become somewhat detached from the arbitrary mishmash of conventional cultural calendrical cycles imposed upon us by Gregor and co.

Like most other occurences in my life, this began accidentally rather than willfully, and only as the results have begun to avail themselves has my participation in the dance become a more conscious activity.

For the last six plus years I have not been subject to any consistent, repetitive work/play/sleep schedule. No defined boundaries. A few occasional points in time that need to be recognized for practical interactive purposes, but otherwise, a dissolution of the artificial boundaries in the calendar construct.

The results have been strange and wonderful.

I've become more aware/sensitive of the polyrhythmic nature of our universe, our lives, our habits, et c.

i have a sense of becoming gradually unstuck in any single "time"/rhythm/pattern, and instead find myself "moving" to/thru many at once.

As a result, I find myself living more in the fluid "now" without trying to "force the feeling."
Tthe mayans had their own fascinating, multi-calendrical mythical/methodological manner for conceptualizing and marking time, and lately i've included strands of their ideas in the multi-textural dreamweave of my own mutant myth, thereby adding an odd-metered half-step to my t-town toddle-dee-doo.

the dervish is dizzying, i tellya.

embrace your inner pavlov. de-program obsolete convention.

mindfully re-imprint your Self with the Power to Love.

engage novelty. activate mutation/evolution and embrace alternative universal ideological idiocsynchronicities.

Ascend the tower of babble, howl from the heavens and fill the skies with the sounds of your very own barking, drooling glossolalia.

May your bark be in harmony with your bite when your dogma is crushed under the tires of your Brand New Karma!

and, as always, my dawgzz and dawgstresses,

May Peas Bewitch You.

Whirled peas in a dervishly delicious stew of mixed metaphor.

i smell the ozone of electricity in the cosmosphere, a coalescence of nebulousness, a reconciliation/realignment of rhythm, a re-awakening to the One original, universal tune sung in the Language of Love

One Love.

Love is Real. Not Fade Away.


Nothing is Real.

This is my fairy Tale Happy Ending Included in Original Price.

Come out and play make-believe with me or play with yourself and/or others.

Just please remember, when you sit down with your calendar to write your future schedule, always be sure to make/take

Time Out For Fun.


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